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Q. How many CPD points are required?
For the purpose of application for Annual Practising Certificate (APC), 20 CPD points will be required. For renewal/recertification of the National Specialist Registry Registration, specialists will require to obtain 100 points over 5 years (i.e. 20 points x 5 years) for their 5-yearly renewal/recertification. Of the yearly 20 points, 50% (10 points) should be obtained from their specific field of practice (FOP)/specialty whereas the other 50% (10 points) may be obtained from other than their specific field of practice (FOP)/specialty.

Q. What type of CPD points can I claim?
Currently, a specialist can claim CPD points from: 1. Core/field of practice (FOP) that the specialist registered in NSR 2. Non-core ie other than what the specialist has registered in NSR

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